Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tellurian Biodiesel

I have been quiet for several months as Tellurian has been focused on closing some key deals. We are about to being making some fun announcments and I am going to make a renewed effort to post more frequently.

The California Biodiesel Alliance (CBA) has also been busy at work, particulary with California's low carbon fuel standard (LCFS) and a few bills CBA is sponsoring in Sacramento this year. I will also attempt to use this forum to keep those interested updated on CBA's efforts.

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Lynda said...

Tellurian is definitely a company for the future! I read about you in the Los Angeles Times Career section and hope that I can begin fueling my Jetta 2002 TDI wagon with clean biodiesel soon. Your product will be made with recycled vegetable oil? The company will go into full production in 2009? Any chance that Orange County will have a distribution point?

Thanks for your response.

Lynda Hernandez