Friday, October 10, 2008

CBA Success: SB 1574 Vetoed and Biodiesel UST Standards Ordered by Governor

Friends, As you know, the California Biodiesel Alliance introduced SB 1574 to protect California’s right to use biodiesel. We were forced to take many last-minute amendments to the bill in the legislative process, and once the dust settled, it became clear that the bill as amended would do more harm to the biodiesel industry than good. For example, the bill only provided partial protection to USTs currently storing biodiesel and prohibited converting more USTs to biodiesel and any new USTs for biodiesel, in effect banning all new biodiesel tanks in California. That is obviously an unacceptable “solution.”

As a result, CBA requested that the Governor veto the bill and direct the state’s regulatory agencies to work toward a better solution for biodiesel. We are happy to report success, which you can learn about in detail at

Our focus now is on working closely with the Governor’s staff and key players, including Cal EPA, Water Board, and ARB. These efforts to find a solution to the UST issue will be critical to the future of biodiesel in California and will help set standards for biodiesel use nationwide.

CBA is forming a Biodiesel UST Users Working Group. We will be following up with those of you who have been threatened by, or suffered directly from, the inappropriate shutting down of biodiesel in USTs to urge your participation.

Because of your extremely responsive and time-sensitive involvement in this issue in recent months, we have introduced Sacramento to a strong statewide network of support for biodiesel from industry, municipalities, and consumers.

Thank you so much, and we look forward to working with you on this urgent issue going forward!

Sincerely,Celia DuBose forEric Bowen, ChairmanCalifornia Biodiesel Alliance

Tax Credit Extended and Tax Credit for Used Cooking Oil Biodiesel Increased to $1.00

A big victory for the biodiesel industry and sustainable biodiesel in particular.

The tax extensions now last through Dec 31, 2009.

We have achieved equity for yellow grease with soy and other biodiesel feedstocks at $1/gallon.

Splash and dash tax loophole for biodiesel closed.

Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard to make this happen.