Saturday, March 10, 2007

California Biodiesel Alliance - Update Email

Dear friends of the California Biodiesel Alliance (CBA),

It has been several months since my last email and I wanted to update everyone on CBA’s progress and activities.

The CBA is the trade association for the California biodiesel industry. We incorporated the CBA as a California Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation in December and are completing our IRS tax filings as a 501(c)(6), a not-for-profit trade association. The CBA steering committee has been busy working to finalize the CBA charter documents. Once those are finalized, we will begin accepting applications for membership.

The CBA Steering Committee is comprised of the following members:

Russ Teall – Biodiesel Industries
Fred Wellons – Tellurian Biodiesel, formerly of Baker Commodities
Curtis Wright – Imperial Western Products
Wade Randlett – National Biofuels
Doug Smith – Baker Commodities
And myself, Eric Bowen – Tellurian Biodiesel (successor to SF Biodiesel and LA Biofuel)

The Steering Committee has been aided by Ryan Lamberg of Community Fuels and Ashley Henry, the Energy Industry Liaison for Stoel Rives, one of the leading biofuel law firms. We are very appreciative of their assistance.

As most of you are aware, there are several legislative proposals in Sacramento this year relating to biodiesel. The CBA is tracking those bills and making itself available to work with the bill sponsors. Please let me know if you are interested in participating in helping educate legislators in Sacramento about the benefits of biodiesel.

Finally, we are working on a website and logo for the CBA, which we hope to launch shortly.

We look forward to working with each of you to make the California biodiesel industry a great success.

Warm regards,

Acting Chair, California Biodiesel Alliance

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