Friday, November 17, 2006

Great Women of Biodiesel Calendar

I strongly recommend that everyone rush out and buy a women of biodiesel calendar for everyone on their holiday list . . . and if not that, at least one for yourself. These are all amazing pioneering women and if enough sales are generated to payback the cost of printing, half the proceeds go to support the important work of the Biodiesel Counsel of California.

You can find the calendar here:

Here is Sienna's original email describing the calendar:

Hey there,My dream of making a calendar featuring some of the amazing women in this community has become a reality. You can see it at the BioFuel Oasis or the Ecology Center in Berkeley. There is a way to buy it on my website, too. If I make any money from the calendar, I'm going to split my profits with the Biodiesel Council of California.

The calendar has pictures of and writing by:

Jennifer Radtke

Emily Butterfly www.bigtadoo,org

Jolie Ginsburg

SaraHope Smith

Amy Sinsheimer

Jessica Redford Hoelle

Sarah Rich

Gretchen Zimmermann

Kimber Holmes

Sunny Beaver

Melissa Hardy

and myself



1 comment:

Ramon said...

Awesome! Way to go women! It's so good to see women taking a leading part in the promotion of biodiesel as a fuel source.